Why should you attend?

  • Product lifecycles are getting longer. 

  • Customers in developing markets want affordable options. 

  • 5G is boosting the upgrades to release quality 4G devices onto the used market.

The secondary market in devices is experiencing massive growrth with huge demand for previously-owned devices from retailers, e-tailers, carriers, and MVNOs. They haven ew incentive programs to ensure a steady flow of supply. As a result, there has never been a better opportunity to fill the void. This gold rush also includes opportunities from value added service providers in as repair, parts supply, packaging, insurance, cloud services, screen protection, extended warranty, data wiping, functional testing, and cosmetic restoration.

Insurance programs, device financing, and extended warrantees – all growing in popularity which are are all part of the sales cycle for the secondary market.

By attending Mobile News' Circular Summit, you will hear about as procurement, data management, and communication, the supply chain and cracking international markets.